TAN KAH KEE Science Award

Tan Kah Kee Award in Agricultural Sciences

Xie Hua'an (1941- ) is a native of Longyan Fujian Province. He is an agriculturist. He graduated from Longyan Agricultural School of Fujian in 1959. He completed the courses in Fujian Agricultural College in 1964. He once served as a teacher in Agriculture Vocational School of Yong'an County, Fujian. Since 1972, he served as research fellow in Agricultural Scientific Research Institute of Sanming, Fujian. Since 1996 till now, he was president of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, guest professor, tutor of master and doctor candidates of Fujian Agricultural University. Xie was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007. He is a vice chairperson of Fujian Science and Technology Association.

Xie has long engaged in research on hybrid rice breeding and pioneered "seed production of single cropping rice". The hybrid rice known as "Shanyou 63" bred by Xie won State Science and Technology Progress Award, First Class in 1988 for its remarkable yield increasing effect and widest spread of farming so far. "Shanyou 63", with its high output of retooning rice spread retooning rice to all over China, and helped formulate a cropping pattern: "middle-season rice—retooning rice" in southern China. "Shanyou 63" was regarded as "a milestone in replacing the older generation of hybrid rice in China". "Shanyou 63" was included in the list of "significant scientific and technological achievements in agriculture" in 1978-1988. Among fertility restorer, "Minghui 63", the best fertility restorer, which was widest used in hybrid rice, was awarded the first class prize of Fujian Provincial-level Award for Science and Technology Progress in 1999. "Weiyou 77", following "Shanyou 63", was one of the other ten new varieties of hybrid rice cultivated by Xie, which were cropped on 107million mu in total in 1997. He was conferred titles as an outstanding youth scientist and the National Labour Paragon in 1988 and the National Advanced Worker in 1989 by Ministry of Labor, Provincial Labour Paragon and Excellent Expert of Fujian in 1987 &1989 and in 1991 respectively. Besides, he was awarded China Award for Agricultural Science and Education in 1998, Dupont Innovation Award for Science and Technology in 2002, and Ho Leung Ho Lee Award for Science and Technology Advancement in 2003.

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