TAN KAH KEE Science Award

Tan Kah Kee Award in Mathematician and Physical Sciences

Feng Duan (1923- ) is a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. He is a Solid State Physicist. He graduated from Physics Department of Central University in 1946. Since 1949, he has served as professor and head of Solid-state Physics Research Institute of Nanjing University. He was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1980. He was head of Graduate School of Nanjing University from 1984 to 1988, director of State Key Laboratory of Solid-state Microstructure Physics and chairperson of Academic Committee of CAS from 1986 till present, and director-in-general of China Physics Society from 1991 to 1995. He was elected as academician of The Third World Academy of Sciences in 1993.

Feng pioneered in the field of condensed-state physics, especially in aspect of crystal defect, by making clear the configuration and origination of defects in metal and oxide crystal. He established a new area of nonlinear optical crystal microstructure and observed micro-domain structure in ferroelectric phase transition, and structure and evolution in incommensurate transitions in lithium niobate crystal. He had significant influence on research and development of condensed-state physics in China. Feng participated in joint efforts of etching method dislocation line imaging pattern and studied the dislocation within body-centered-cubic refractory metal. Feng discovered a number of important findings on defection and domain within crystal of complex oxide. Feng also developed a new manual modulation structural material with perfect nonlinear optical and HF ultrasonic performance. His outstanding achievements in crystal defection research won him a number of state-level awards, such as State Natural Sciences Award, Second Class in1982, State Natural Sciences Award, Third Class in1995, and Ho Leung Ho Lee Award for Science and Technology Advancement in 1996. He was world famous for his scientific writings. He was the chief editor of Metal Physics, the first monograph of the type in China. His works include New Concept on Condensed State Physics, which won State Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Class in 1996, Rambling on Condensed Matter, with a target reader of youngsters, which won State Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Class in 1998. He also created and directed State Key Laboratory of Solid-state Microstructure Physics which was based in Nanjing University and enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.

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