TAN KAH KEE Science Award

Tan Kah Kee Award in Medical Sciences

Wang Zhengguo (1935- ) is a native of Hefei, Anhui. Wang is a world-renowned scientist on traumatic and war surgery. He graduated from China Medical University in 1956. He worked till now as associate research fellow, research fellow and a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, and tutor of doctorate candidates in Research Institute of Aseptic Surgery, the Third Military Medical University. In 1994, he was one of the first academicians at Division of Medicine and Health Sciences of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Concurrently, he served as president of Chongqing Research Institute of Traffic Medicine, chairman of Chinese Society of Traffic Medicine and deputy chief editor of some foreign publications such as Journal of Traffic Medicine ad Crash Prevention and Injury Control.

Wang is one of the founders of researches on blast injury, wound ballistics and traffic medicine in China. He systemically studied the biological effect of blast wave. He also studied pathogenesis, diagnosis treatment and protection of blast injuries. In addition, he founded a big shock tube laboratory, including large, medium and small shock tubes. These tubes can provide optimal conditions for the blast experiments with various animals. In order to solve the problem of therapeutic contradiction in burn-blast combined injury, he put forward a new point of view: i.e., with monitoring chest signs, it is preferable to give the patients sufficient fluid replacement. In his pathologic study he discovered the "Z" line of myofibrils near the wound track were arranged step-like in shape after shooting and demonstrated that necrotic or nonvital tissues around the wound track showed irregular and mosaic arrangement. Under his guidance, an advanced and large-size Impact Injury Laboratory was founded in 1991. He has edited a number of books, such as "Blast Injury" (1983), "Wound Ballistics" (1991), "Traffic Medicine" (1997), "Handbook of Surgery" (1997) and published more than 300 scientific papers. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was awarded State Science and Technology Progress Award, First Class once, Second Class for twice, Third Class for four times, National Invention Award, Third Class, Military Science and Technology Progress Award, First Class for four times, and Second Class for 15 times. He also won Ho Leung Ho Lee Award for Science and Technology Advancement (1997), "Michael E. DeBakey International Military Surgeon's Award" (1998) (Wang was the only Asian who has been given this award), International Outstanding Contribution Award (2000), and Fourth China Award for Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology (2002).

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