Time and Deadline
Nominations should be received in dates from 1 January to 30 April in the odd year.

Nomination persons
The academic title of the nominator for Tan Kah Kee Science Award should be professors, researchers or specialists with the same academic title in the same field as the award.

Fields of nomination
Tan Kah Kee Science Award can be given in six scientific fields: mathematics and physics (including mechanics and astronomy), chemistry, life sciences (biology, medicine and agriculture), earth sciences, information sciences and technological sciences.

Each nominator can nominate one project with one candidate in general. If in the same achievement, there are more than one person has made major original and innovative scientific discovery or technological invention respectively, no more than three candidates shall be nominated;

The nominator shall fill in the Nomination Form of the TAN Kah Kee Science Award which can be downloaded from website of the foundation, and mail it to our office or submit it by the website directly.


  1. A person cannot be nominated by him- or herself, and no individual application is accepted.
  2. Tan Kah Kee Science Award is awarded to individuals, not institutions; If failed for continuously two times, the same nomination should be absent for one time.
  3. A valid nomination should include a recommendation form and supporting documents.
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